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Originally Posted by Aothane View Post
gods are not necessary for objective morality, and in and of themselves would not necessitate the same.

I'm not opposed to the concept, depending on the lore and overall relevance. However, if their placement is simply an afterthought it would show through and simply dilute the core premise of the setting and situation. Both Warhammer and AD&D make full use of these concepts, however their background is that much more extensive as well as relatively established. For Dawn of Fantasy I gather most of the focus is more immediate in context, maybe dieties and gods will have a place in the developing scheme, but all of that remains to be seen.
In my story at least, I am portraying the various races as having religions, but all of them are different - they oppose each other. There fore the observer [gamer, reader, etc.] must choose between them. Same as chosing your own individual race.
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