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Old 04-17-2010, 03:13 PM
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Aametherar is someone to look uptoAametherar is someone to look upto

Reading this after reading the human ones makes orcs seem like a weaker race.

Brakental has Beefy units which is what orcs are about, but at the same time being on foot i'd assume even with the speed bonuses they're slower than mounted units. I could see their strength being totally negated by archer micromanagement and cavalry routing tactics. Add to that their inferior defenses and town layouts, I could see them getting harassed to no end, especially by cavalry armies. Add to that their lack of ability in sieges and life seems very questionable for these orcs.

Flattan Rol seems fairly well balanced but also like they could easily fall behind enemies in research putting them too far below in technology, which could be devastating. It seems like they'd need a healthy trade agreement set up with Brakental orcs at the very least. But they seem okay

Thikken Dal seem like half elf half human, they have ranged, but could they really stand up to elves? They have good defenses to go with the archers, but as the designated "siege orcs" would they have meaty enough armies to withstand something like human cavalry bearing down on their siege position?

In short, Brakental seems like a high level of difficulty, and possibly inferior as a race against skilled players. Flattan Rol moderate difficulty, but not up to spec with something like humans, still it could be a good balance. Thikken Dal seems like orcs that couldn't quite cut it as elves but easy difficulty to play.

That being said, i'm thinking Brakental (but I really despise the thought of not being able to compete with skilled players), or Flattan Rol where I think I can compete with dedication. Thikken Dal just seems like an Elven nightmare.

It's hard to tell without factoring everything like the base strength of the units etc. so maybe i'm way off here, only 1 way to find out.

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