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None of the homelands are near large bodies of water, sorry.

With that said, I know a lot of you are curious about naval warfare, but it's not an integral part of the game unless our publisher wishes otherwise. There will be some small battles and some rogue pirates, but your fleet will be small and mainly be used to get from A to B and carrying resources. You'll also hire ships much like mercenaries rather than building docks. We'll look into this more down the road, but for now, we've recently rehired another level designers (you may remember his son who registered in this forum not long ago) and he and another level designer are starting work on 20 or so small towns throughout Mythador including harbour towns where you can hire ships and at least one island stronghold while Joseph works on the dragon realm. And like the larger towns, you'll be able to lay siege to any of these small towns fairly early into the game.

It's a possibility that naval warfare will get emphasized in a sequel or expansion, but for now, it's a relatively small part of a large game.
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