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Old 04-11-2010, 01:52 PM
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Default Suggestion thread for Hero Skills/"Auras".

So I was bored, and I wanted to list some skills and Auras, or AoE buffs, I thought would be awesome for heroes. Feel free to list your own!

Name: Battle-chant
Race: Orc
Description/effect: Orc hero chants, causing surrounding units to gain a movement and attack speed bonus.
Other potential effects: Adds temporary midagation bonus against damage. Could trigger sound effect from effected units.

Because it'd be darn cool to trigger this skill and hear "ORC-ORC-ORC-ORC-OOORC! WAAAARG!" from your units as they rush towards the enemy walls. The battle frenzy has been a key part of orc mythology. The whole "Why... Won't... You... DIE!" mentality that orcs have under battle frenzy would be represented with this, along with the suicide charge and viscious slaughter that Orcs are famous for.

Name: Hold the line!
Race: Humans
Description/effect: Hero rallies surrounding troops to defend the area, causing units to gain a defencive bonus when planted.
Other Potential Effect: Could cause units to act as a human wall, with no enemies being able to get run through the effected units.

Why: Humans should have a nice defensive skill. In most mythology, the two races that can be counted on to "hold the line!" are Dwarves and Men. If a hero uses this skill, he'd cause the surrounding units to stay firm and use the Roman Legion approach-Nothing gets past our shield wall. This would be devasating in urban combat and can be used to maintain gained ground to buy time for strategic retreats or advances.

More to come! Suggest your own!
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