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Old 04-07-2010, 11:23 AM
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So I have a few comments to make here.

1 Reaction time is based on the person. If you have some statistic showing faster reaction times on a controller vs a mouse/keyboard then the people using controllers just simply had an overall faster reaction time.

2 "This accessory makes a huge leap for Video consoles versus PC. Lack of Mouse/keyboard was a major limiting factor in my opinion."

The PS3 is plug and play with almost every mouse and keyboard, and games do support it. If you pop in Unreal Tournament 3 and your mouse and keyboard it basically functions like the PC version. I believe you can even remap keys.

3 95% of all console FPS games have auto-aim. You can argue that your favorite FPS doesn't, but it does. Look it up. Some amazing games like time splitters 2 allow you to disable the auto-aim. And yes some games have a much greater amount of auto-aim. Compare the auto-aim of goldeneye to Halo 3.. there's a vast difference, but both games have it. Also you can't drop your sensitivity for sniping on a controller at the drop of a hat like you can with most gaming mouses.

4 Sadly consoles will always have superior performance vs PC games. But on the same token PC games will (almost) always be capable of running them with higher graphical settings. Both are due to the vast available hardware for any given computer. The only games I can think of that can't look superior on a PC are games like Metal Gear Solid 4, which is so entwined in the cell processor the dev team would have to redo the game from the ground up. And as it works on certain physics only currently possible with a cell processor it would still be hell.