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Old 04-03-2010, 10:42 PM
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Originally Posted by kateros View Post
I don't think they should release it on any other platform, then the PC.
If they do that you should have roughly the same experience if u play it on them both.
If you just look at Supreme Commander 2, you see how a game with much potential, was simplified so that it could go on the Xbox 360. I’m not saying that it was a bad game. But it was very disappointing after the first one.
And if u hook a keyboard and a mouse 2 your Xbox, then it is roughly the same as playing it on a PC. So why even bother the PC properly got better graphics and performance. You will need a pretty lousy PC too not be able to play this game, no offence too creators, but the detail is not that good if you see on a single unit. I know it is properly because so that you can have hordes of units on the screen without lagging.
And if you have a keyboard and a mouse/tracker ball, then you should also own a computer.
Xbox 360 release will most likely be behind PC release, we will improve graphics for the 360, and add a massive amount of new content for it. But I personally do agree that we should stick with pc, but in reality consoles sadly dominate the industry because console games are not pirated as much which gives the developers more money for their work; also the game can be greatly optimized for the console while pc has limitless incompatibility issues.
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