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Old 04-03-2010, 12:11 PM
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Default Assignment of Roles in Regards to Guilds/Teams

I was wondering today what the type of cooperative organization play will be like in Dawn of Fantasy, by this i mean that in many games you are able to work together, and in strategy games specifically you are able to work as a team to hold certain rolls such as defending other people's settlements while they build up resources/units for you which in turn you use to attack, the other settlement remaining to create resources for you enabling players to spread out the strain well.

I would hope that in Dawn of Fantasy when you are in a guild and/or team you are able to assign specific jobs to members such as a primary resource gatherer for the team/guild or the primary assault faction.

Furthermore, in standard MMOs, mostly MMORPGs you have classes. This is generally what i am speaking about when i talk about assigning primary roles.