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Old 10-05-2007, 05:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Darvin View Post
An hour minimum?

Secondly, I still don't see how these ten minutes are 'vital'. Starting the game off with some early skirmishing is not only part of the fun, but it shakes things up. Without it, those ten minutes will just be spent following a cookie cutter build order, anyways. Why not just give you a starting base/army that corresponds to that build-up time and just skip to the action? Why not just have all this annoying prep-work done for you!?
What you said is ok for the first game.. but for example in the first game you built up your base a bit then it was seriesly damaged. you don't want to start with a big but broken base.. instead in those 10 mins (outside the match even) you repair a bit, gether a bit resources.. maybe reserch or somthing.. NOW you are ready to your next battle and not all broken down. and if you lost the 1st game that a must couse you have to at least have a bit of resources to start with..

the key here is understanding how the MMO works.. maybe im wrong but from what i understood it works like that - you are matched with someone your power - battle with him.. all the units/building/damage is saved.. then when you are matched again you start exactly where you left off the other time.. now what i say is you have 10 min after every match to recover from it towards the next one.. (maybe restrict or not permit at all building buildings and units.. just reparing, researching, placing your units, gethering resources etc.

just tell me if i understand this wrong..