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Old 04-01-2010, 03:26 PM
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Originally Posted by wills370 View Post
Sorry for the second post pressed submit to soon.

But with regard to powerful players not having guilds i fear that would be hugely unbalanced. As some missions already stated would be to band together with friends and take on a more powerful player. if he has no support form guild then he wont have a fair chance.

Also it penalises players for doing well as they will loose the community aspect of the game.

Another point is a powerful player can become a weak player if he is constantly warring so even though he is large it dosent reprosent his military power. If this does happen then it will be easy prey for all.

im guessing its balanced bercouse players ca only see other players based around there level so that will resolve many issues and xp gained will be low for high level players attacking low etc.

So all in all i say the guild system should stay untouched. its pretty common in every empire to have one or two powerful houses and then lesser houses surrounding them. So why try to fight the enivitable balance of power
Yes, but we don't want complete domination. I think it would be best that as player get higher experience, the number of people they can be guilded with declines. Something like that.
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