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Old 03-25-2010, 04:13 PM
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I think he was talking about a fan-made LOTR-based scenario for DOF, which I think there will be plenty of. If you look at other games with powerful editors like Age of Mythology, you'll find hundreds of fan-made Minas Tirith maps - most of which are horrible, but there are some classics. Hell, one of our new scripters is already working on one for DoF.

Thanx for the camera bit... How about animating characters? Moving them along a certain path, playing animations, special effects (such as triggered spells) etc... But since you state you're creating the in-game cinematics with the editor, then it's all there, but how intuitive, how easy to use? Must someone be a rocket scientist to put together such a scene, or will even I be able to do it?
If you can understand what the script I posted does, you'll have way there. You can do all of this with scripting. Like I've said, I've never gotten into Lua, but our scripters had no problem learning it. And, post-beta, you guys will have access to all the scripting references and tutorials that Andy Joslin wrote to train his new recruits. It's also worth mentioning that the editor is a separate application from DOF and you can minimize it as you please - if you want to go back and forth between the editor and a reference cheat sheet.
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