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Old 03-24-2010, 07:19 PM
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You'll have all the cinematography tools that were used to make the official cinematics. I haven't played around with cinematics much, but you can switch from the editor view controls to cine view controls which give you more flexibility and allow you to choose whatever angles for your shots. Then you just set a marker A (by using your mouse to find a good angle, and then pressing 'm,' at which point a marker will be set and a box will pop up asking for you to name it for further reference.) and move on to your next viewpoint where you set a marker B. Then, through scripting, you can easily link your two camera points to make a camera track as fast or as slow as you would like.

Then we have all the normal cinematic effects, such as: Fade In RGB, Fade Out RGB, and Black Out effects. We also have a camera track loop function which is useful for RPGs where you will give the player a quest but not know how long it will take the player to read and accept - the camera will just keep moving even if it takes hours rather than coming to a stop after you're done setting markers.

Here's a test cinematic provided by Andy if you would like to see the camera tracks and cinematic effects in use:

	CurMap:SetCameraTrack(true,-13,{Objects.Cam1,80, Objects.Cam2,70, Objects.Cam3,20, Objects.Cam4,100, Objects.Cam5,80})
	AddChatText("cinematic is finished!")
Should be able to understand most of that without any prior knowledge in Lua. The "Objects.CamX"s are the marker names which the track will go through and the numbers following them are the level of zoom experienced as the camera passes through each checkpoint. And the "-13" means the track will last for 13 seconds. For more control, you can split this into several tracks to make the trip from Cam1 to Cam2 last more time than from Cam 2 to Cam 3 to Cam 4, or whatever.
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