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Old 03-21-2010, 03:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Andy Joslin View Post
Elves are completely helpless while transitioning, yes. Elven combat styles are not to be used as on-the-spot battle decisions, but instead before the battle as part of your plan.
So theoretically... The elves have the least adaptability to a situation unless they already know the enemies forces and are able to prepare for them...

Mid-battle they may be surprised by reinforcements to the enemy and are trapped in the wind formation whereas really they would be best in the rock formation...

The elves it seems will require far more planning than other races, their units are fewer and more expensive, its possible they could get overrun... Their battle plans must be made in good time before a battle, they will have a lower adaptability in the battle.

Also i have a question... How does the sneak ability work? Is it button click then unlimited invisibility (probably with speed reduction) until they strike a unit?
I think that it should be very short time, probably 10 seconds, and if they are close to the front of enemies they should be partially visible...
Oh and if the arrow trajectory system is as highly advanced as i suspect, is it possible that even sneaking enemies could be hit by stray arrows shot at other battallions?
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