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Originally Posted by otomotopia View Post
I just did some of the really basic math here...

Orcs can have 30 men archer battalions that do 50 damage per man, not counting upgrades. A single battalion of Goblin Prowlers can put out 1500 damage in a volly, not counting archery upgrades.

That's alot...

Not to mention that with Group Charge and in battle formation, Raiders run at 70.56, do 91 damage, AND can evade all projectiles. Archers are screwed.

Sentry's do a whopping 420 DAMAGE a hit in upgraded Wind formation.

That's a two hit, nearly anything's dead combonation.

Just some fun facts i've seen based on raw data from the unit features and the percentages we've seen here.
The percentages aren't finalized by any means, right now they're designed to give people a good idea of the formations role, they'll be tweaked to fit it. Also - you're forgetting armor. I don't remember the exact numbers for all the abilities/units, but that 1500 volley in practice is going to be a very small fraction in the neighborhood of a few hundred. And you have to remember - archers do not have perfect aim, you'll rarely if ever hit the unit you actually target and they've also got the chance to miss completely and damage nothing, so all of this damage is going to be very spread out.

I applaud the way you thought about the numbers though, I think like that too.
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