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Originally Posted by Puppeteer View Post
No, in any case have you not heard of NDAs?
Stronghold Alpha has an NDA as it pretains to media (Videos and SS's). Stories wereperfectly acceptable.

Also, this was a PM I recieved from alex. My original question/suggestion was "I think it would be awesome to get a copy of the NDA even now. I'd like to see what we will be able to post and not post, along with learning if i should tell my friends that "I'm going to be in the DoF Beta!"... because then my computer will probably be watched by numerous people (I got a ton of my friends and neighbors interested in DoF)."

You will be receiving a different NDA than the first and second wave testers. This agreement will most likely be eased up and allow you to share more, but we can't get into specifics yet. When you do get your copy of the beta, there's no problem with letting your friends watch you play. The main thing we are opposed to is file sharing - screenshots, videos, or even the game program itself. This is just a standard marketing safeguard - if you're in the beta, you can be guaranteed that you're be playing an unpolished version of the game rather than the actual game. So we just don't want anything leaked that could represent us negatively - such as screenshots with unit clipping, error messages, incomplete audio, etc. - and be viewed as realistic expectations of what to expect with the finished product. Likewise, we don't want to have any features leaked before there official debut in a media showcase. So that's the only reason we will need to have an NDA - just letting your friends watch you play will not violate these needs.
You're welcome.
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