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Old 03-20-2010, 04:30 PM
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Negthareas is on a good road to success

I think the top few for me are:

-naval warfare [either do it or don't do it - have it automated shipping, or have numerous kinds of ships, etc.. Don't try doing something in-between, that will result in sadness.]

-Elvish/Orc. We have gone over man a lot. Lets see a bit more on elves and a bit more on orcs [like defending while orcs, or defending while elves] We have never seen that in a Fanfry.

-It would be nice if magic were shown used in some of the Fanfrys. Up to now it has been cities, towns, and soldiers, and armies. No magic involved.
Just wondering because I have yet no impression of magic in use during a battle.
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