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Old 03-19-2010, 05:10 PM
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Wow, it's wonderful to see how unique each race is, even in their formation styles. As far as I see it, men are fairly "standard", orcs are "wild, screaming horde" () and elves are "Taste my blade!".

Curse you, now the elves are competing for my favourite race! Men still hold the title, though . I love it how men are so versatile, even in their battle tactics! I'm guessing the bane of any large battalion of men is gonna be an elven hit-and-run assault.

Thanks for joining us again! Your discussion and feedback is always hugely appreciated in these Fantasy Friday showcases, and we always get a huge morale boost hearing your excitement every week.
Quick, everyone! Get excited! They might finish the game faster!

EDIT: What is the "sparkling" effect on the human knights?
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