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Old 03-18-2010, 02:07 PM
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Originally Posted by blackfang View Post
How about that the archers got really high dmg but gotta refill arrows, however the enemy army can also steal the storehouse and take the arrows for their own evil needs... That would make storehouses a vital part of any army. Of course you want an archer platoon with high dmg rather then everlasting arrows?
I fear doing this sort of thing would overpower the archers in seiges, as arrows can be stored normaly anywhere, and tbh i would find it really iratating if my archer battalions had to keep running back and forth to restock, if you made it so the warhouse was the only place to restock. As attackers would send in cheap units to waste your arrows and while going to restock they send in the heavys and take the walls unharmed.

I would suggest, in your storehouse having the special arrows and storehouse workers running back and forth suppling the arrows to the battalions. And when the storehouse is destroyed all you have is the speica; arrows left untill they run out, and once this happens they go back to defult arrows making there damage alot less than with special. I'm sure you would be able to make store houses in each teir of your city, this would make the storehouse a stragitc point to defend and attack. But also not make the archers to deadly or storehouse to important and leave the attacker with an easy seige. It's the only way i see to impliment this suggestion
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