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Old 03-15-2010, 05:37 PM
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In terms of FPS's I always preferred the feel of a contoller at my fingertips. Statistically reaction times are faster as well. As far as RPG's are concerned I can play them with both mouse/keyboard and a controller but prefer contoller's from a combat perspective. When it comes to Strategy games, hands-down mouse and keyboard win everytime. There's simply far to many commands for a controller to have mapped out, and a mouse and keyboard combo doesn't have to sweat micromanagment as much.

But for the vast majority of games out there (strategy excluded), a controller works quite well. Most games don't have all that many commands that make the ease of use of a handheld controller work perfectly.

Now the reason I say all this is because I started out playing on consoles and moved my way to playing the PC. I now balance both out more or less equally, with a dozen or so years of gaming experience from both firmly under my belt. When I moved over to playing PC's the mouse and keyboard took awhile to get used to but the learning curve isn't all that bad, only when playing really weird games do I have to change up the controls to suit me. But I was startled to see the disposition that PC gamers have toward Console games and controllers in general. For the most part it seems that most hardcore PC gamers have some kind of weird phobia towards controllers. I find it odd because all it takes is the slightest hand eye coordination to learn effectively, same goes for learning the mouse and keyboard (albeit easier because of how common PC's are these days).

Again this is all from a gameplay perspective, factors like graphics and such I'm not discussing. Controller's are a simple and easy way to play games. I prefer Controllers in most games I play just not for strategy games.

Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
This accessory makes a huge leap for Video consoles versus PC. Lack of Mouse/keyboard was a major limiting factor in my opinion.
So basically, I disagree wholeheartedly with this.
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