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So I decided to name my city using Tolkien's Elvish language. Googling "Elivish to English Dictionary" I found a list of words from which to draw from. I came up with this:

"Fenn Athan Amar" Which roughly translates as "Threshold (to) Beyond (the) World". "To" and "The" not being listed, so I just added them with (). Which I may just group altogether like Fenn'Athan'Amar, which is probably grammatically incorrect but it looks better in my opinion.

Threshold meaning:

2 a : gate, door b (1) : end, boundary; specifically : the end of a runway (2) : the place or point of entering or beginning : outset

I chose those words because I would like to put my City on the border between the Elven realm of Bilt'Ranta Na and the Orcish lands of Thikken Dal, between the cities of Uttal Astras and Grintak. Basically, from a strategic and roleplay perspective I'm setting myself up as a Elven outpost of the forces of Uttal Astras (my Elven Account's home city, from purely a rp perspective), as the front line defense of an Orc incursion or staging area for a campaign into Thikken Dal. Also for more practical terms it gives me immediate access to the city of Uttal Astras for quests and supplies and I am in a prime position to begin my Orc Genocide!!!!

Here's a link to a map showing roughly where I plan to put my city so you can see what I'm talking about. the black "X" being where my city will be....if given the choice. All of this is just speculation on my part, I don't even know how much of a say I will be given as to where to put my city. But in the off-hand chance of my dreams coming true then all of you Orc players better be on the lookout for Elven raiders flying my banner!
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