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Old 03-06-2010, 12:01 AM
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Default What are you gonna name your city?

So as the developers here at Reverie have portrayed this game so far, when a player makes an account they are given a number of slots that they can start, delete, etc. Much like many other MMOs, but in this game their City or Homeland is the MMORTS equivalent to a MMORPG's avatar or toon.

This is just one of the many things that make me so excited about Dawn of Fantasy. Many other games do an adequate job of making you feel like your a king of your respective city or culture. But in an MMORTS such as this all the other kings around you are players. Through little tidbits of info here and there the Developers have given us an insight into what our first few hours will be like. Establishing our first stronghold and learning the ropes of our factions unique abilities and structure, while expanding and growing.

I greatly look forward to these first few hours of building my first city, even more so my first encounter with my neighbors. So I was wondering what are you guys gonna name your first Homeland? If possible what are you going to name your Hero? Since some of you may be my neighbors I'd like to hear from you!
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