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This thread has many great points in it, I’ve always been quite partial to cavalry myself. I agree that in BFME, cavalry were a tad overpowered. I had a small well-managed group of cavalry which I used as my scalpel on the battlefield. In some cases they were all I really needed. 1-3 units I would leave to defend a chokepoint.

As for a rag-doll physic, I have always appreciated that graphical feature. Added a sense of realism to whatever respective game it was in.

Originally Posted by DarkMaster View Post
You're kidding, right? Let's see you try getting run over by a horse and see how many times out of ten you die. No offense, but the horseshoe is coming down with greater force than the arrow, and it's still a solid metal object.
Not to mention that the horses have riders. Riders with weapons, that are actively trying to kill you...

Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
At Agincourt, the reason the longbows were able to penetrate the visors at close range.

The idea behind plate armor was to eliminate chances of being killed with a sword, pike, or pointed weapon.

Cavalry charges were devastating if [IF] they hit their target. If they missed they got slaughtered.

EG- Rohan charges in the battle of Pelennor Fields
EG - Crusaders get slaughtered during [one of the crusades] because the enemy force was able to spread itself out - no massive army to aim the charge at.
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