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Old 03-03-2010, 11:31 AM
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actually lighter infantry should be quite devastated by a cavalry tough, but the heavier might not take a single casualty. Against a cavalry charge archers should have no chance as to make people actually bother protecting the archers, i mean if they did not entirely decimate my archer platoons i would not really bother using any infantry to defend them, however i would keep a platoon or two if they would be devastated by cavalry. Of course once they have plunged into a platoon they should loose their speed and as cavalry got quite a bad attack normally they should be killed by any infantry platoon if they cant get out of it. Its normal that if a spearman and a horseman without speed then the horseman would die, however at high speed it really depends on the rider. Also getting run over by a cavalry platoon should not just disrupt lines, that should make the whole group so damaged that making them continue would be a waist. Also heavier riders should give a possibility to fight equal to infantry and have heavier charges but lower speeds... And the ones that could easily kill them would be lighties

Sry i forgot thisDo you think getting trampled by hundred horses is less devastating then an arrow rain, just think about it.
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