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Old 02-27-2010, 08:33 PM
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I felt that cavalry was incredibly over powered in that game. Calvary should have increased attack vs infantry and ranged units as well as increased speed but the ability to always mow through fields of infantry units, doing massive damage for each strike seemed unrealistic and unbalanced to me. AoE did calvary much better in my opinion.
You have to at least admit that it was wierd seeing a knight charging towards someone and then stopping in front of them, though.

Anyway, I think cavalry crushing should be included in this game, but not so much that they can kill over three layers of soldiers. It should be purely for disrupting formations and making it very hard for the enemy to coordinate their attacks. Maybe, just maybe, if the circumstances are right, for example downhill charge with massive buffs and an unprepared enemy, cavalry should own like they do in BfME.