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Old 02-27-2010, 02:22 PM
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the rome total war cavalry are a lot more balanced, they crush into the ranks of infantry. Then one of three things happened. The infantry routed, the cavalry was held there and crushed, the cavalry was pulled back then charged again. The cavalry were great for smashing into enemies to rout them and to hunt down running people and kill archers. But they totally sucked in a huge melee, they are great but at the same time they suck. However against small town guards they are great since they don't loose as many against weak units. My opinion is that cavalry should be shock units, they make a huge difference with their speed and mobility. However if properly surrounded they will get slaughtered Thats why the great armies of rome and greece were such a bother to the cavalry nations, they walk forward and if attacked by cavalry they still continue cutting down and surrounding. Its awesome
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