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Old 02-27-2010, 01:53 PM
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are savegames going to be attached to the scenario or are they going to be separate? something that bugs me with scenario design is having to play through from the beginning of a scenario or doing some hackish workaround just to test something that happens late in the game.
When you playtest, you'll start from the beginning of your scenario. But to skip over this, just temporarily disable your first cue and trigger the one you want to test.

how does scenario development work? is there one giant lua script per scenario or are things broken down into pieces?
We'll talk more about Lua later on, but most of our scripters opt to separate their scripting into classes - like NPC patrols, individual quests, special fx, etc. Then each of these classes will have its own page so you can be as organized as you want.

Invisible bridges, I like the sound of that, how does it work with user created scenarios ingame, can we only use them for scrimmages against other players or something?
Invisible walls and bridges are used in the majority of our maps. You can use them for whatever.

Will there be an area where we can share our maps? And are the files small enough so we can Peer to Peer share them before the game? And is there a lobby where can say something like, "hey, lets battle on my scenario?"
We'll have a lobby where you can share maps. We'll also select some of the best fan-made maps and add them to the next patch. And then there will be external sites like DOFH and DOFS that will encourage scenario and mod sharing.

I cant wait.
Hehe, nice idea. I haven't done a lot of scripting, but I would assume you can transform the rain drops into cows. You can't do it by just editing the attributes though.

Another question I had is will people be able to protect their maps or something to stop others from editing them?
You could script a clever protection feature, but at the moment, we don't have any built-in protection.
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