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Josh Warner is just really niceJosh Warner is just really niceJosh Warner is just really nice

Originally Posted by zach12wqasxz View Post
i saw my neighbor hit 2 baby kittens yesterday in the road, he managed to hit them wiht both front tires. all there were 2 small crunched up bodeis.........very sad
but anyway on-topic, does reverie have any sort of biulding/workplace?
i kinda always pictured you guys in one big meeting room comeing up with ideas for the game, then going out into a little office with a few computers and makeing them reality
Wouldn't know regarding an actual building where some of the team works, as for all in one big meeting room - MSN supports quite a few people in the same chat, and we have our forums where we discuss a lot of different things. Sometimes I find myself discussing stuff brought up from these forums in fact.

Lots of us share work back and forth, Joe regularly gives me sneak peaks into what he's working on before he finishes it which is great, and I do a lot of collaboration with Kon, just recently we were working on the stats and look of all the units and their unique formations, might end up showing them off at some point.
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