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Old 02-24-2010, 11:26 AM
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Yeah i know, but look at it this way. Will to win equals more kills/death rate. In those terror organizations they use suicide bombings thats caused because of will to fight. However good commanders is a must too, its just that in this age all you need for a good commander is giving them a video game that teaches strategies and within a month that guy should be able to pull it off...

I played stormrise under a week now, and currently i can control a whole army almost at the speed of thought. So games are great for learning stuff... And thats why commanding doesn't seem like much these days. So these days its will to fight and technology that decides it, maybe in ancient times the commanders were more of a need. But not now... Anyways the only ones with commanding positions are people who "Earned" it through hard work. In ancient you just needed names like Julii or Brutii or being descended from some great bloodline...
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