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Originally Posted by blackfang View Post
its numbers, skills and will to win. You ever heard of a well financed with a lot of numbers kinda nation with trained soldier win? I don't think you hear that a lot. I mean take for instance china, their nationalists lost when they were financed by America because the will to win was so strong for the communists. Or we can use the current "war" in Afghanistan guess why the fighting is still going on? It is the WILL TO WIN. So basically you need numbers to frighten the enemy and lessen their will, skills to break formations and will to win so that your soldiers don't rout in the initial charge.
I wouldn't say it's about will to win so much as it's not a real war. You can't 'beat' guerrilla tactics unless you're willing to level the entirety of the civilian populace they hide behind.

As for what's required in DoF, I'd say it's quite like most other large scale RTSes. For the most part you don't need to micro - but there's a pretty high skill ceiling for swapping formations/stances/using activated abilities. What I mean is, you can do well without much micro, but if you do get good at it, you'll have an advantage. How big that is, well that's a matter of balance and play testing really.

One of the biggest attractions to RTSes for me is indeed the overwhelming nature of it, what separates good from great lies in the fact that you can't do everything. There's so much depth it becomes about deciding what all your options priorities are. Do you need to manually be changing formations on the fly to maximize each battalions strength based upon what unit type they're fighting, or are you better off singling out good targets for your ranged units, or attempting to flank and knock out their high value targets say hero/ranged/siege with your own cavalry/stealthed units.

And as for strategy vs numbers, time and time again the brain of a talented commander proved more capable than tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands men. To an individual soldier maybe it doesn't seem that way, but there are countless examples of battles that given equal commanders one side would have won decidedly but in fact they lost.
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