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Old 02-19-2010, 09:51 PM
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And if i remember rightly, the wooden defences on walls can be built on any walls yes?
Yup, all races can construct hoardings on any stone wall - not including keeps.

Since they have less range, is it possible that the best range unit in this game can shoot them from a far when they are on the walls, but they cant shoot back cuz of the range?
Possibly, but the ranges don't differ dramatically. You can also prevent any cheap shots by protecting your walls with a mix of archers, crossbowmen, and catapults.

I think I liked the pictures of the fort more though, which brings me to my first question: Is that a relatively small city? It doesn't look too big (not many buildings, far as I can tell) although there appears to be possibly 3 walls. It's hard to tell, that's all There also doesn't appear to be that many units on the screen (sorta Darssen numbers) although I could definitely be wrong.
That would be Thorndale, a pretty average stronghold. The skirmish was in its infancy, so my units were still spread all throughout the stronghold, and I hadn't trained many new troops yet.

Just noticed that the archery range is overlapping the buildings beside it.
Yup, NPC/skirmish towns have some overlapped buildings and random props, but in a stronghold you build from scratch, you'll be using more organized plots.
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