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Old 02-19-2010, 06:31 PM
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Will there be further upgrades beyond veterancy? such as elite, etc?
We are still working on our research system, thus we couldn`t reveal much about that in this showcase. At this point I can only hint that research trees are giant - well over a hundred technologies and improvements to research for each race, and in the current design we have over a dozen of unique improvements for the Archer and Crossbowman unit.

I really picture humans as really organized and using lots of diverse tactics, such as this.
We had the same vision in mind. There are a lot of abilities and tactics human ranged units bring to the table. There are 4 unique formations for these units as well as several unique abilities - from flaming arrows, wooden defensive stakes or ability to switch to melee weapons.

Crossbowmen, meh. Probably won't build any
I personally love this unit. First it`s the only ranged unit capable of doing damage to highly armored units (Dwarven mercenaries not considered.) Keep in mind that heavy mailed units can in most cases simply walk towards shooting archers and have majority of arrows bounce off their armor. Crossbowman however can make short work of heavy mailed knights and even cavalry (as long as they got a nice cover)
In addition, with enougth research they become a pretty decent melee unit as well - and aside from all strategic benefits it`s absolutely epic to have 80-100 crossbowman release a volley, switch to long swords and charge the enemy.

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