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Originally Posted by otomotopia View Post
Hehe, why, yes, I have played the game Stronghold online. In fact, i'm currently a part of the internal testing of the current Stronghold MMO (). This is why I also suggested a fix for those who are 'underpowered'-having templates like you just described, along with a 'freebuild' option. The best of the user-created setups can even be added to these 'templates' to update the competition. If you find your setup is 'underpowered,' you always can gather up to the point where you can build a template city.

And, if boundaries and length limits are put in place to contain the defender from over-extending his defences and rules are put in place to make the attacker still able to reach the keep with minimal building obstruction (aka 'house walls'), suddently it becomes much more balanced for the attacker.
Otomotopia, I understand what you're saying and I've even considered that idea myself but it's pointless. Every city will become a clone of the best, and in many cases the best will rarely if ever actually resemble a city. The best setups will be used by everyone, and we as devs will have to balance around those absurdly strong defenses or they'll be impenetrable which leads to the few people who haven't yet adopted the 'best' to become frustrated and quit, or frustrated and use the 'best'.

It creates a huge balance issue, again we absolutely have to balance around the best defense to make the game playable, which means bad becomes worthless and leads to the exact same thing most of you are worried about, every city being the same. You will almost assuredly see more variety with our system than the one you propose.
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