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Correct you'll 'only' get a large amount of resources, possibly units. It's necessary for gameplay reasons, it also allows multiple people to be sieging to the same city in different instances rather than limiting it to like in other mmorpgs a rare spawn that people camp at and only a handful ever get to try it.

The idea of extra cities players can fight over and actually have trade hands is something that'll be looked into, but the main NPC cities that are used in quite a few quests simply will not be changing hands.

Also, darrsen is almost impossible to lose as the defenders done right, still need to adjust some stuff, and probably the most difficult to attack which I think is great. It's hard to tell from the screenshots, but it has a lower courtyardish area below a giant cliff face with one relatively thin ramp heading up. The inner keep is so high up that attacking siege weapons very rarely are able to land a hit, and enemy archers don't have enough range to hit anything on the inner keep without going all the way to the ramp which means being tightly packed and taking a lot of fire before being able to return any. That said, it's my favorite to attack and the only lay siege since my first few games when I was still learning that I've actually managed to lose.
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