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Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
I just read through - very good ideas! I think the Boarderlands idea can kind of be crossed with the guild ideas - some interesting ones also popped up in the guild proposal thread.

Dragon race - I have serious doubts as to the variation of units in order to make the race playable. Dragons, Big ones, little ones. Drakes... You need a lot more than that. Also, how would cities work? There are so many things that would need to be solved in order for them to be a race that it seems, to me, impractical to pursue it.

Minotaurs - similar to Dragons in the non-development. But, more practal and easier to develop than dragons. I like the druidic idea. Maybe make their race based on minotaurs as workers, basic infantry, etc., but have their major units be very magical - wizards, sea monsters, "dinosaurs" -kindof- etc. Even maybe incorporate elements from the Dragan civilization if it does not work out. Thus you could have a lot of minotaur units [fast, strong, big damage, but expensive] but only a few big ones.

Dragons not having enough unit types? Heh. This one is not familiar with D&D methinks.

Without counting the stages of dragon growth there are several dozen types of dragons with various powers, there's no reason we couldn't do that. For different roles you could have different types of dragons or dragonkin. Their 'cheap' units would be dragonkin of varying elements. Honestly, most of these would just require a unique skin and maybe a slightly different scale + unique abilities. If anything the dragons would be the EASIEST and most unique race as they'd have potentially hundreds of different units. And same with the actual dragons too not just dragonkin, again without counting growth you have one for each type of dragon, and instead of a normal leveling system we could have the growth be their own leveling system, for every battle they participate in, or based on number of kills they then get older and as dragons get older they get larger and stronger. Trust me - if we get the funding and time dragons will not be difficult to implement.

Minotaurs are a little harder if anything, but we could easily do something with them. One idea would be a caste system where they're bred into it developed into each type of warfare, there would be those trained solely in magic, archery, mounted combat, 2-3 types of foot soldiers with one spear, one defensive and one offensive, or instead of offensive/defensive a regular grunt and then simply an elite version. Or even more interesting, say they have selective mutation and have it work much the same as the caste, but instead of training for it, they're literally born with it. The last one might be a little too weird - but you get the idea. With a bit of imagination you can make just about anything work.

It sounds like you wanted the Minotaurs to be more of an amalgamation of races than minotaurs which is also another possibility, a sort of collective.


Have you played the various Stronghold games online? One of two things happens depending on which stronghold you play. Either walls are completely worthless, or they're brokenly overpowered. There is simply no way to balance letting everyone design their own walls. We hope to have plenty of different ones to let you choose from, and even that will lead to some builds being stronger than others. It just has to be this way for balance unless you want walls to go the way of AoE2 where sure you can build a nice looking city but it isn't worth a tenth of the money you sunk into it. And with siege warfare being one of the biggest and best things about the game, reducing walls to little more than a hurdle low enough you can step over wouldn't be good.

The various customizable wall defenses are unique enough to make cities feel like your own as well, imo. With so many options and three distinct terrain's per race to choose from.
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