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Old 02-11-2010, 06:27 PM
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Huh. Calm it down, guys. No cause for anger or sarcasm.

People post in their own ways. Yeah, it annoys me when I see someone who can't be bothered to capitalize the word "I" or use commas. But we get over it. Everyone misspells a word here or there. And some people don't like to take tons of time checking every post to make sure they didn't post any mistakes. But still, that's no excuse in my opinion.

Back on topic: I agree that we can't afford to drive away potential members just because they don't have my impeccable spelling and grammar . However, it does get on my nerves when a person posts the same beta question over and over, ignoring the post which answers the all questions about it. I've really liked the idea of posting an "All questions here" thread, to avoid clutter in the Main Square and keep all those repeated questions in a confined area. However, one thing that AoMH has taught me is this-people ignore those threads all the time.

I guess you're right that we need to be a little looser when threads like that pop up, but you can't blame us for getting iritated when we get "wen does te 1st beta start" for the 50th time over. (wen and te were purposeful, by the way.)