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Old 02-11-2010, 11:25 AM
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Some good points put forwards!

City and Player customization -
My views would be similar about the Player one, i would like to get hold of my hero and design it like in a Rpg mode and when he levels i would like to choose what he wears and see him prosper as a Mini me, per say. Also to evlove on this idea could we not try and represent our lands with not only our cities but our lords, showing them off and putting them in an avatar when someone clicks to see our city in a sumary, 'Lord Tomas is the Lord of these lands' -> show picture that sort of thing.

As for cities, yeh customization would be cool but i find the fact that you use the walls for primarly units to fire from ultimatly out rules this, as in other games walls are just stones to slow you down. But reverie have made it so you can add your own personal flare, lets just say your human firstly you have to pick you lands. Now you have the templates of the regional type cities I.e. Next to the see, on hills, near mountians ... ect. Then you choose what type of walls u want/where u want towers to be build. Then you have the options of player based anti-seige wepons to place on them. So in overview i doubt many cities will look identical unless u plan on attacking people in the same regions and race.

Being the brain behind the idea of border towns and things, im rather flattered. But i have to say what things you have come up with are good, putting lands to fight over for stratigal improtance would there for take the pressure of people having so many forces in your city and focus the game more on these lands to help your city prosper!

I remember posting I think last year about if u can intercept an army on its way to your city and i dont think i got a definitive answer. But i would like to see what u have said border towns to help you focus your enimies into choke points making it harder for them to attack.

Forgotten races
I dont really like the idea of some of the races, i hate playing undead and would rather have them in some sort of random event in your lands, ie a necromancer kills a few guys and a plague spreads and you must kill your citizens to stop it much like what Arthas had to do in Warcraft but was then critized for doing so. Them and minators i would not like to see in the game as a playable race but this isnt my decision.

As for the dragons and dwarfs i would like to see them in a later expansion. I do not see why you would think dragons would not make a decent race to play, dragons in fantasy are normaly very intelligent and normaly very comanding. You have to remember dragons are not just big flying beasts in fantasy you have the normal Half-Dragons which are like the grunts of the dragon world and so on. Personaly i love the idea of Dragons and think they would make the game very intresting, as for the dwarfs i feel that this race would bring in a whole new way of seige and would love to experience that! But the lands should be almost dominated by mining and few of other resources.

But im glad u expressed your views!
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