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Old 02-10-2010, 10:19 PM
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Graphics - Pilgrim is bang on, that blurring comes from the fast camera scrolling. It looks sharper when the camera is still or moving at normal speeds. And I suppose it doesn't help that it's compressed for youtube, either.

Unit Control - most units are grouped into "battalions" of 5-20 units. when you select any unit in that battalion, the whole group is selected and the whole group acts upon your commands. You can select many battalions at once. So even if there are 400 units on the battlefield, you may only be controlling 40 groups of 10.
As Pilgrim said, this changes the face of unit micromanagement, but it does not eliminate it. There is still benefit to microing your battalions even if you can't micro its individual members.

Siege - I think you just need to give the devs some credit and trust that things will be balanced (and they can be further tweaked after feedback from the beta tests). Ranged siege weapons do area of effect damage to any player, and they do not have anywhere near the sniper-like accuracy featured in some other games. Additionally, the defender may have long range weapons as well.

Thanks for the comments; I think we have these issues under control, but it certainly doesn't hurt to keep them in mind.

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