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Old 02-10-2010, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by Konstantin Fomenko View Post
This actually sounds like a pretty good idea! I`ll run this by Alex. "New to DoF? - ask questions here" sort of forum.

Also I do agree we are turning some new fans off by yelling at em for asking questions, and not wanting to dig through the FAQ. I mean really - no harm in more posts.
If my memory serves me rightly, everytime a question has come up, we do give the information, but also give the statement that they perhaps use the search engine next time? Its not as if we refuse to answer...

And to be fair, many forums are that information is given once and only once, this forum is pretty lax.

We arent telling them they have to search, we are asking politely I dont mind such topics, especially if they are good topics (unlike, 'Can i haz beta?' type topics) It is a way to revitalise the forum and old topics which are still just as valid now. Some of us are being harsh at times, but it has remained civil and polite, simply suggesting that they search.

And yes, trawling through many pages can be daunting... Try trawling through the 'Official: Races you would like to see' topic... When i was new it was massive, now it is about 100 pages if i remember rightly
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