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Off-topic because the original theme is fully covered:

I never got the concept of the dragon race either. I don't like the concept of 'mass dragons'. I see them too well established as large, hugely powerful, magestic beings. I like the idea of them as a very powerful orc unit or something.

It wouldn't be fair or ballancable for there to be a race of flying units so the idea for the main bulk of units must have been a selection of averagely powerful reptilian units.

That being said, it seems to me like a good opportunity for the Dawn of Fantasy team to create a race of their own and throw it into the mix.

As for gnomes, maybe they are cute but that doesn't mean I'd like to see the little fellas as a playable race. The only reason you see 2 ft gnomes fighting 8 ft warriors in WoW is because blizzard, much as I love them, find things like that amusing.

Dwarves are such a classic fantasy race that I can't help but want to see them included. For me, one good thing blizzard did was prove me wrong and show that you can put dwarven riflemen in the same field as elven archers and actually pull it off without it seeming unrealistic. I think that makes them a perfect option for another race due to unit versatility in the game as a whole.

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