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Old 02-09-2010, 08:24 AM
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Default Suggestion for less strictness with repeated themes

I often get the impression that the members, mods and employees who use this forum are very impatient with people repeating questions or topics that have already been discussed.

Now that I've read that Reverie. wants to attract a lot more users to the forum I wanted to suggest that everyone relaxes a bit about repeated topics. There is a limmited number of sensible questions and for a forum community to remain active and healthy you have to let new people have fun discussing things too.

Some people come just to read, but others come to engage and it isn't realistic to expect everyone to want to go trawling through old threads instead of getting stuck in.

Also, topics of more than 3 pages start to get messy and no one wants to read through an entire 4 page topic before giving their two cents. New threads are just good for the forum.

I'm sure there will be people here who are happy to share the knowledge they have gained in the forum with new members, and i suggest that people who don't want to repeat, instead of having a go at new members for not using the search feature properly, just choose not to participate in the thread and leave everyone else to it.

Just my two cents.