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Old 02-07-2010, 08:13 PM
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I think that the idea of having smaller AI controlled cities was a good idea - All cities in borderlands are controlled by AIs of varying strengths - to being with. When a player conquers a city or town inside the borderlands, it becomes his - he can manipulate it just as if it was his own. However, heres the catch - it can be attacked while he is offline. It will be defended by hard AI at such times, which, from the skills demonstrated by Medium AI's in the last few Fantasy Fridays, should make it a challenge to take unless overwhelming force is brought against it.

That would solve the problem of one player controlling bordercities and then leaving the game, but it would also allow sginificant fighting in the borderlands.

I think what Ash said might be a valid possibility, but - unless there was a significant benifit to getting involved in borderland wars [like possession of a city, for example] I would not want to risk my troops there. They would get whittled down and divide my attention between them and my main armies/cities/battles. Though it might provide a nice pastime while waiting for your city to grow, though from what I've seen, there will be plenty of quests and the like to take up extra time.

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