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Old 02-03-2010, 06:54 PM
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Originally Posted by Swift sword View Post
In some of the pictures, I've seen selected units with a white-outline around them to signify that they're the units the player is currently selecting. Are you going to change this to a little circle underneath the unit that most games have, or allow players to reduce it's visibility? I personally think they're ugly, and would like to change it to the norm that RTS's use. If not, I would think I quick mod could change this. Just curious, as they get on my nerves in the screenshots and I think they will in gameplay.
There are a lot less units in most standard RTSes. Doesn't Total War use outline? Been forever since I've played it so I could be off here.

I do like the way it is right now though, it's very helpful when zoomed out at the maximum. Not really sure if circles would be visible enough. I like the idea of an option regarding how bright or at least an on/off however. It's something I'd have to see in game to decide which I liked more.
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