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Old 02-02-2010, 09:49 AM
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Why would you take a border castle if you can attack player main castle and plunder it ?=).
But not a bad idea, maybe not normal castles but some kind fortress (that serve just for army station and defense) that defends/control roads etc.. And maybe also faction must control x% of border castles in order to attack main city.
But dont know how will faction vs faction work since ppl friends will take mix faction and form guilds with mixed factions. Maybe it should be made just like at wow alliance and hord where they cant be allies.
But then again ... if 1 person for example takes all border castle and than he goes offline forever .... than noeone could control them anymore. Maybe if attacked a npc takes control while offline, or just as you capture it a friendly npc take it from start and you get just little income from it per day.

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