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Old 01-29-2010, 06:25 PM
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Whoa. Great screenshots, although snow makes everything look awesome (this is from a texan point of view...but still)
This will definitely be my favorite skirmish mode. My favorite campaign map in BFME was Helms Deep (Good campaign) and I BARELY won my first attempt on normal. I thought it was completely epic, with Boromir () defending the deeping wall with a small group of elven melee units. I won the map with a group of Uruk pikemen surrounding my keep and hammering away at it, the enemy a mere minute from victory, before Gandalf smashed down the last enemy building. Best map ever.

Anyways, loving this, sounds very similiar although you may get critcized for the whole cavarly reinforcement thing being too similiar to LoTR, but I like it. Can't wait. Hope we have this mode open in 3rd beta. If not...darn
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