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Old 01-24-2010, 06:15 AM
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Originally Posted by Negthareas View Post
It will be nice to have a challenging AI to play against - where I live, the internet connection is sometimes shakey, so I couldn't always count on playing MMORTS. The Age of Empires Series, BFME and BFME2 all seemed to have reletively easy AI. Once you got good at the game, the Ai was a piece of cake no matter how hard it was set.

It looks like troop placement, and strategy will be important components of this Game!!
Yes i think thats what the game is really pushing in combat. Aswell as the use of statergy both preservation (of your best troops) and destruction (of your worse for the use of Fodder). It will be intresting to see how each react as orcs will most likly side with the fodder aproach on the large scale to win the battles through sheer force of numbers in some cases. As they can as a nation recover there numbers much greater. Whereas the elves in contrast will need to reserve or micro manage most of there troops to make sure they dont need to die needlessly. Being the most expensive and slowest recoving as a result. Should be a intresting mix
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