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Wikipedia is good enough to point out that the modern concept of "zombies" are not a natural evolution of old afro-caribbean voodoo myth or any other ancient myth.

Yes, the idea of the dead coming back to life had been thought of before, but thats hardly George A. Romero's (night of the living dead) fault and what we now conceive of as 'zombie', including the word, is a modern idea not based on historical predecesors.

Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
What "mixing of genres"? There's no mixing of genres here. Undead have been a part of fantasy settings since forever. Warcraft, Warhammer, D&D and yes, even LoTR (army of the dead, barrow wights, nazgul), all have undead in them.
Yes, thats kind of my point. I wouldn't have brought the subject up if I hadn't realised that it has become a recurring theme in fantasy. Perhaps i should have said "no zombies please" instead of "no undead". Ghosts and the like fit in more nicely (but i didn't specify or even make a big deal because I didn't forsee one guy feeling the need to grill me about my post).
Note that a lot of what you list is aimed at teenagers, and LoTR doesn't include zombies.

Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
Also you seem to imply that the undead consist exclusively of zombies which of course is not the case. For example the undead faction in WC3 has no zombies among its buildable units.
true, I don't dislike all undead, as long as i don't consider it silly or over the top. in the wc3 campaign there are zombies, and also both "ghouls" and "accolytes" are zombies. Just look at them, they are rotting and green and clearly dead bodies. And if you choose the UD faction in WoW then you create a zombie, with bits of face hanging off and everything.

Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
And of course it "unrealistic" to have Aragorn fight a bunch of zombies. It's because the book is about men, elves, dwarves and orcs etc. and not zombies, it's a completely superfluous statement.
You can't be serious. You don't need me to point out to you that it goes without saying that you'd be imagining that the role of orcs was played by zombies, with all the necessary changes. This is totally demagogic. Again, dont put yourself down.

Originally Posted by Jean=A=Luc View Post
The reason why I was mildly rude to you is because you didn't seem to think things through at all but instead said "No undead plx! " without any sense to back it up.

You personally may not like the undead but you have no objective argument as to why they don't belong in a fantasy setting.
I wrote two lines, I gave my opinion and I kept it light hearted. I also accepted the opinions of others. When i write "I don't know who it was that originally decided that zombies were part of the fantasy genre, but I know they were wrong.
They are part of the cheap horror genre. Please dont mix like other games "
I'm not attempting to "make a statement" and no Jean, i didn't research and prepare a list of references to back my opinion up.

I've already explained that to me it just doesn't fit, just like an army of bunnies or of animated tables wouldn't fit. If i had been agressive or rude to anyone I would understand why you want to 'demand proof' but honestly.. it was just a post in a forum and I think its time we both just got over it. Thanks anyway.

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