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Old 01-12-2010, 08:40 AM
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tbh i dont realy think that this side has any evil sides. As they all have there own thing. Orcs are stong yet slightly lacking on the intelect but are not all evil. Men are just the jack of all trades master of none, which can be evil if it wanted. and elves nature loving but rather 'up there own backside' as it were. all 3 races could be evil and all 3 could be good so it would be best to get the point of good and evil races out of yer head, because ultimatly you choose whos good and evil. the way i see it Orcs have poor land all they want is somewhere where it is an easier life style, humans just want to expand and elves want to keep there society intact yet all races must do evil things to get them this but thjey can do good things to
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