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[quote=Josh Warner;22414]If you like this type of game, ie: MMOs where player ability means more than character level, equipment drops when you die etc. I suggest you take a look at darkfall, I got tired of it but it is a much better game and has many similarities. It's been out for over a year now. Though the crafting does suck in DF. It's first person for ranged attacks and third person when you're melee for combat in DF.

MO Definitely has some potential but I think they might be too ambitious, trying to do too much, the number of hitboxes and the graphics are going to limit how many players can fight in the same area pretty heavily. Also from what I've seen the crafting in MO resembles SWG's, it's not really original and unique, but it's better than any other system for crafting I've seen.

I'll try it eventually since I quite like MMORPGs but I can't stand gear/level deciding how good you are, what made darkfall fun for me and what will likely make MO entertaining is that a very good player can indeed kill several other people by themselves because you have to manually aim every hit.[/QUOTE
thats how i feel about mmo's now a day i like how in dfall and mortal you have a chance at being the best were as in wow you can take on two people.

Mortal i enjoy very much its just that its an indie company and it will take time for it to be great
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