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Old 01-08-2010, 07:45 PM
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Default Sabotage

I've always wanted the ability to incorporate more advanced tactics into a game, of course the level of "inventing" isn't in this game.

But a strategy that I think would be a great addition to this game is using the overland to plan an attack on someone a day or more in advance for example, giving an advantage or disadvantage.

On to the strategy itself. Sending out saboteurs to place small explosives near the enemy wall 1 day in advance. If successful the enemy (not knowing about it) would have their walls crumble at 10% life in battle rather than 0%, so they would be unaware til the last second. If caught they could be tortured over the next few hours to give away which enemy sent them. Or they could be bribed and released back to the enemy (without revealing who the enemy is) returning a positive result. This could be an auto setting (which to chose) if the player is offline. Or if the player is online a pop up would come giving them the opportunity to chose which. They would have 2 hrs to decide (the setting auto decides after this point), 2 hrs to torture total. Meaning the player sending would have to wait 4 hours regardless for results.

In short this means if successful the targets walls crumble 10% early in their next battle vs this player. If it fails the defender has the choice to send back the spies so the player expects their walls to fall early and they don't, or to find out who is planning the attack, but the attacker would know their attempt failed. In both cases the defender gets +5% strength to their walls next battle vs this player as they have had time to prepare.

Second option: 1 week saboteurs.
Same concept except this time the saboteurs attempt to erode the land under the wall using water and possibly fungus to weaken the wall over time. This will take 14 hours to set up (12 hours to chose what to do with the saboteurs +2 to torture if chosen), regardless they return to the attacker at 14. The result being a 10% chance for their wall to crumble in a battle every time it loses 10% of its hit points. So when it hits 90/100hp (for example) it has 10% chance to suddenly crumble, at 80/100 it again has a 10% chance to crumble. The defender wouldn't know if it was successful. If unsuccessful the defender has the same options but a 1-10% defense bonus rather than 5% vs the attacker. This de-buff would activate with them fighting against the first player who attacks them activating 7 days after the initial hit, meaning it could be vs a different player. The defense bonus will only work vs the player who sent them though (to prevent abuse) in the next battle the defense bonus will increase 1% per day after the spies are sent maxing out at 10% after 10 days, after which the de-buff also runs out if the player hasn't seen combat.

Obviously the expenses for both would not be small, and the odds would be based possibly on how good your saboteurs are (what you pay them or if they're heroes how well trained they are in comparison to your targets heroes.)

Just to clarify: If you torture the spies they don't return to the enemy (so the enemy knows they failed) , if you bribe them they return with a positive result.

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