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Originally Posted by Lord_Itzalak View Post
I did not read anything in the "how to build a wall" section about moats. Several upgrades were mentioned about fortifying walls, but this was not...the only game I ever played with a moat was Lords of the Realm II. I don't know if adding this would be unlikely due to the impenetrable castle syndrome that you are trying to avoid, but I would like to see a moat upgrade.

A second thought is that also I remember reading that armies often sent tunnelers underneath walls to weaken them and induce a collapsing. And the besieged enemy sent counter tunnelers. I have NEVER seen this in a game. Could this perhaps be the poor man's way into the castle?

Heh, Lords of the Realm II. I don't know if any of the other devs played that, it was one of my favorites though. I have the CD and it's case sitting on my desk right now, have a DoS emulator for it. Was a fun game, and yeah moats were fantastic. I don't really think something like either of those things are possible though. The tunneling to collapse a wall MAYBE, moats would just alter the gameplay too much I think. But it's not something I would work on so perhaps I'm wrong, it's certainly an interesting idea.
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