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Old 01-06-2010, 12:47 PM
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Default DOF editor question

i was wondering if it were possible to make completly new designs for buildings and such within the games editor. like in the editor have a thing where you can stack little teeny tiny blocks to make all new functioning shapes or add to prevouisly working ones. like for example, if i had a tower, but maybe i wanted to add little slits into the sides, so i could go in the editor, select the tower i wanted to edit, and go in and cut little slits out and then use them in-game, or maybe even design a completly new tower. i think something like this would be really cool and make the editor just outstanding, like if there was something like this i probably would spend more time editing and making really cool stuff than playing the actuall game

any of that possible? or worth adding to the editor? this would be really cool if you could.
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